3rd Sunday Hour Church Services


After careful consideration Dana Cunningham has decided not to lead the 3rd Sunday Hour Services. We wish to thank Dana for her commitment to the services. We wish her well in all her future endeavors. Please see the home page for a listing of Little White Church events.

Please see Dana’s letter below.


Greetings friends,

Finally, the promise of spring arrives with the warm air and high sun, snow melting, and birds singing. 

I am grateful as always for the season’s turn, and for the symbolic, as well as the actual invitation, toward that which is new.

As the time approaches for the 3rd Sunday Hour to resume at the Little White Church, I am writing to let all of you know of my decision not to continue leading the hour every month for this year. 

This guidance comes with a great deal of thought and reflection, and as you know, a tremendous amount of appreciation and joy for the gift that these hours have been, to me personally, and I trust, to our community.

I will continue to be involved with the Little White Church, and will offer programs on a ‘to be announced’ basis, as this year unfolds, and beyond. 

My inspiration in the immediate future is toward a new recording, along with other compositional related opportunities and collaborations.

I look forward to being in touch with those of you who have been a part of these 3rd Sundays, through email, as well as updates on the church’s web site at https://littlewhitechurch.com/

As poems and references enliven and encourage my path, I will share them with you. 

 Thank you for the beautiful community that you are, and for the privilege we all have to serve it, in new and inspired ways.

With love and gratitude,

Dana Cunningham


For more information on Dana and her music, visit Dana Cunningham

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The sun drenched Little White Churchaltar

The sun drenched altar