Help Us Rebuild Our Steeple

Little White ChurchThe community of Eaton, New Hampshire loves its Little White Church; one might even say it is the soul of Eaton. Set against the beauty of Crystal Lake in the foothills of the White Mountains, the 140 year old church is one of the most photographed and admired views in New England. Time and again we come together under its roof – for services, weddings, memorials, concerts, fundraisers – events that mark the life we share.


The board of trustees and town members are deeply committed to caring for this historical treasure and its magnificent 1908 Steinway O grand piano for generations to come.


In this light, we share our urgent need for a new steeple and ask for your help in raising funds for its full replacement. A leak in the roof ultimately revealed that the supporting beams were rotten. Though it is difficult to imagine this breathtaking scene without a steeple – in fact, it is now gone.


We need your help! No amount is too small or too large. The estimated cost of replacing the steeple exceeds $100,000; construction will begin as soon as we raise sufficient funds for the project.

Please follow link to our Go Fund Me page below.

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The Little White Church