Thanks You For Helping Us Rebuild Our Steeple

Little White ChurchThe community of Eaton, New Hampshire loves its Little White Church; one might even say it is the soul of Eaton. Set against the beauty of Crystal Lake in the foothills of the White Mountains, the 140 year old church is one of the most photographed and admired views in New England. Time and again we come together under its roof – for services, weddings, memorials, concerts, fundraisers – events that mark the life we share.


The board of trustees and town members are deeply committed to caring for this historical treasure and its magnificent 1908 Steinway O grand piano for generations to come.


“Despite the difficulties of 2020, the steeple project was completed in December 2020, and celebrated with a joyous ringing of the newly refinished bell on Christmas Eve.  The stage floor was also refinished to its original color, and the 1908 Steinway underwent complete restoration.  None of this could have been accomplished without the generous contributions of community and friends of the Little White Church from all over the country.  There are also huge thanks due to Thomas Costello, carpenter, who with his team reconstructed the steeple with precision, great workmanship, and focused attention to the historical authenticity.  And it is beautiful!  The total cost of the project was just under $200,000.

In light of this significant achievement, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance honored the Little White Church with its award in May 2021.”

Conway Daily Sun Article

The Little White Church