Libby’s Garden


“We are happy to announce that the long awaited parking lot is now operational!

Libby’s Garden It was in the early 1940s that John Edge, Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth (“Libby”) moved their young family to Rockhouse Mountain in Eaton. They had purchased land and a house on Ridge Road that was to become Rockhouse Mountain Farm, a well known working farm that hosted guests over the years. The Edges became very active in the community and were enthusiastic supporters of the Little White Church. The daughter of a pastor, Libby was especially involved, and the inspiration for the annual Christmas Pageant still so beloved by the town. Matter of fact, she organized the event beginning in 1947, two years before the signing of the Articles of Agreement that officially established the Little White Church as the Community Church of Eaton, a non-denominational church for the nurture of spiritual needs within the town. The pageant was held every year on Christmas Eve from that time forward, taking a hiatus only for the recent pandemic.

It was in the 1970s that the Edges purchased a small lot between the Eaton Cemetery and the lot where they planned to build a retirement home. There were a couple of derelict buildings on that lot which were burned to clear it for garden space, and a lovely garden soon emerged, complete with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and a flower garden. The bounty of this garden was enjoyed for many years not only by the Edge family, but by the guests of Rockhouse Mountain Farm, as well.

After John and Libby left us, the property went to their children, this garden lot to their son, Johnny. Over time, it was no longer maintained as a garden, and eventually returned to its natural state. Years later, Johnny communicated to the Board his willingness to consider selling the lot to the Little White Church for the purpose of providing space for events parking. Now, you KNOW how dicey parking alongside Rt. 153 has become in recent years, such a safety hazard, so the brainstorming began on how to make it happen. Long story short … the parcel of land is now owned by the church and plans are underway to construct a proper (and very aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious) parking lot!

Construction of the parking lot is projected to be accomplished in the fall of 2023.

So here is the big ask. We must raise significant funds for construction and we plead for your help. We have found a team of contractors who will help contain the cost, but the lot will need to be cleared, leveled, and surfaced. Then there’s lighting, landscaping. Your contributions will make a huge community dream come true.

Please send donations to The Little White Church, P.O. Box 31, Eaton NH 03832 or Donate Online.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you, Johnny, the Edge family, and Libby for tending your garden and for having such excellent foresight and appreciation of our community and this historic treasure that Libby loved!

From the Board of Directors of The Community Church of Eaton,aka The Little White Church