Past Events

Kayaks and Casseroles – May 2015

It’s was a beautiful day for being on Crystal lake.  Kayaks and Canoes paraded across the lake to Edge’s beach. An array of homemade casseroles and desserts greeted us at the Little White Church. We were filled to capacity with some joining us for the first time. Thanks to all who made this event a success and a good time! Awards went to a horse and a shark. We also had a big green turtle and some interesting black flies that decorated our canoes and kayaks.



LWC 135th Birthday The Little White Church in Eaton  celebrated her 135th birthday on July 20, 2014. Rev. Anne Robertson, a descendant of the Church’s founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bible Society, started the celebration with a service that highlighted the history of the church. This was  followed by an ice cream social and Caribbean music provided by Mango Groove, a local steel drum band.

LWC 135 cake                       DSC04796                      DSC04810                       DSC04812


Eatin’ Eaton Tapas 

We enjoyed Tapas at four different locations, The Snowvillage Inn, The inn at Crystal Lake, The Eaton Village Store and the Little White Church.


Christmas Eve Service December 2013 Eaton’s finest, our children, provided a unique presentation of the Christmas Story. This was followed by a warm, cheering message from Mary Edes and the singing of traditional Christmas carols.

Christmas Pageant Little White Church Eaton NH

Christmas Pageant 2013

Soups and Stories October 2013 In the season of Halloween and spooky stories the Little White Church celebrated by hosting a soup dinner and a cemetery tour featuring historical figures of Eaton portrayed by present Eaton residents.  After nourishment for body and mind,  Andy Davis, a local storyteller,  presented Halloween tales in the sanctuary. NOTE: For a copy of the tour conducted on October 13, 2013, go to HOME PAGE>WHO WE ARE>HISTORY OF THE LITTLE WHITE CHURCH AND CEMETERY TOUR. DSC03209 DSC03206 DSC03217 DSC03204   Biannual Yard Sale August 2013 The Church held its biannual yard sale with useful, whimsical, decorative donations from local residents, supplemented by delicious baked goods and lunch. The proceeds help significantly in the maintenance of our historic Church. Many thanks to all who contributed so generously of their time, items and efforts. DSC02986 Yard Sale august 2013 DSC02954   Mango Sunday July 2013 Over 60 people of all ages attended Mango Sunday, our Ice Cream Social with entertainment by Mango Groove Steel Drum Band. DSC02818 DSC02830 DSC02853 DSC02871   Kayaks and Casseroles May 2013 Fun was had by all as we kayaked in our decorated Kayaks across Crystal Lake and walked to the Little White Church where we happily supped on delicious casseroles.  After dinner we got back in our kayaks and paddled back across the lake under a wondrous star strewn sky. DSCN2177 DSCN2200 DSCN2189 DSC02253